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bmark17 asked:

I dont know if you already know this, but I just saw Tangled for the millionth time, and discovered that Pinochio appears in the Snuggly Ducklin Bar scene!

Yup, and there’s a lot of other Disneys in that movie. In the bookshop, for example. Look closely at the books. ;)

ichikun asked:

ATLANTIS THE LOST EMPIRE?? Could you maybe do that? It's my absolute favorite Disney movie and I feel it's so often forgotten! Even Kida isn't considered a Disney princess even though she's ACTUALLY a princess and FULLY DISNEY.

I happen to love that movie to a slightly unhealthy degree so I will gladly do it. :)

In the climax of the picture, Trusty was originally killed when hit by the wagon. That is why Jock nudges him and he does not rouse. When Walt Disney viewed this scene, he was shocked. Walt did not want a repeat of the traumatic scene in Bambi. He thought it was too intense. Walt then made the animators put Trusty into the end Christmas scene to reassure the audience that Trusty was simply knocked out and injured in the previous scene. 

The Beaver character was effectively recycled as the Gopher in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, right down to his whistling speech pattern. This voice was originally created by Stan Freberg who had a background in comedy voices. The demands of voicing the character proved too much, however, so Freberg eventually resorted to using a real whistle to capture the whistling effect. 

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